An icebreaker is an activity or that is used to welcome attendees and warm up the conversation among participants. These are arguably one of the most important activities included in conferences and seminars.  Can you remember the last time you partitipated in a great icebreaker?  How about a bad one?  Good ones really pump you up and get you engaged - Bad ones send people right back out the door. 

Challenge groups to work together.

Create a fun, natural environment that groups and participants work together to solve challenges. The Strong Game provides a safe and effective platform to bring people together. Avoid contrived and threatening icebreaker activities (you want me to bring  stanger to the front of the class and introduce them?!?) that put people on the spot. 



Creating a Strong Game takes minutes! Combine social and multiple choice questions with polls and open-ended questions.


Present the Strong Game on a shared screen or projector (in-person or online). Participants answer questions on their device.


Our patent pending Social question provides participants with a fun and safe platform to start talking. Sit back and watch the networking happen!


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