Deliver convenient e-learning to your online teams. Test for understanding on key concepts, provide a platform to help team building, and gamify your content with our multimedia questions.

Create media rich questions for your eLearning experience.

Consider using The Strong Game for formative assessments. Use content specific images, videos, and sound clips to test for understanding, or utilize our open-ended questions to collect deeper user created responses.  Our response reporting and analtyical tool gives you detailed insights into learner strength and weakness.

Single Sign On and LMS Integration

Integrate the Strong Game with your Single Sign On service and Learning Management System.  Contact us for more details regarding this service.



Create a Strong Game in minutes.

Screen Share

Start your game on your computer, then share your screen via your web meeting software.


Learners view the questions via screen share, join and play the game from their own computer or device.


Contact us about setting up a live demo and more!

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