The Strong Game promotes engagement between participants and learning content in ways that inspire collaboration & reinforce learning. Use our patent pending Social Engagment question style to get group members talking with each other, or integrate our user/group point system to gamify your learning content and promote deeper interactions. 

Inspire collaboration.

Create questions that challenge groups/ teams to find the right answer together. Use our Social Engagement question type to get group members talking and learning about each other.

Re-enforce learning.

Reinforce training content with Strong Games that challenge participants to successfully recall lessons learned in training.  

Gamify the learning experience.

You control Strong Game content and rules like timing and question content. Upload video, picture, or sound bites into your questions to enhance the user experience.

Use our points system to generate friendly competition between groups or users.

Single Sign On and LMS Integration

Integrate the Strong Game with your Single Sign On service and Learning Management System.  Contact us for more details regarding this service.



Creating a Strong Game takes minutes! Combine social and multiple choice questions with polls and open-ended questions.


Present the Strong Game on a shared screen or projector (in-person or online). Participants answer questions on their device.


Immediate post-game analytics tell you how well groups are working together, and if teams and individuals are understanding the content.



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