Trouble getting people engaged in learning?

Looking for a simple, easy to use gamification tool?

Tired of using boring/static surveys and to gauge effectiveness?

Create a truly unique and engaging gamified training experience with The Strong Game. A perfect tool for icebreakers, building collaborative training teams, and summative / formative assessment. Use real time survey questions and analytics to pivot your training and ensure your audience is learning your content. 

College Students in Classroom

Review content (formative /

summative assessment)

Engage students with in-session content reviews and assessments that reinforce learning content.

Test practice and prep.

Prepare your students for upcoming assessment by running example practice tests.

Collaboration/communication skill building.

Use our specially designed social questions and teams functionality to provide practical skill building exercises.


Gain actionable insights from reporting.

Use the Strong Game to perform periodic assessments as you move through your materials.  Identify areas of weakness in our instant visual analytics and pivot your training to address them.

Business People Applauding

Icebreakers and team building.

Create a fun, natural environment for students to get to know one another.  Great for classes, or groups, the SG provides a safe and effective platform to bring people together. 

Gamify me! Keep students engaged.

Supplement your lessons with fun and engaging Strong Games. Use our point system to bring friendly competition to your summative assessments, and get people interacting with one another – and your content.

Easy to Use


Create and run a game in three easy steps.


Personal device, internet access, and a game code = Game on!

Increase Collaboration
  • Get people working together quickly.

  • Increase participation

  • Assess learning retention & growth in real time.

Have Confidence

Create engagement in a safe and comfortable way. No more putting people on the spot, or into contrived situations. Reduce participant anxiety and have fun!




Creating a Strong Game takes minutes! Combine social and multiple choice questions with polls and open-ended questions.



Present the Strong Game on a shared screen or projector (in-person or online). Participants answer questions on their device.



Immediate post-game analytics tell you how well groups are working together, and if teams and individuals are understanding the content.