Firing up a new team? Starting a new project? Embed fun icebreakers into your next team or project kickoff meeting. Get people talking and getting to know one another, reinforce meeting content, and include polls and open-ended questions to collect feedback.  

Include your audience throughout.  

Add polls and word clouds in between slides to facilitate constant interaction with your audience throughout your meeting.

Reinforce meeting content.

Prioritize and reinforce key information with knowledge or media based quiz questions.

Get real-time insights.

Get immediate user and group response anlaytics.  Retrieve polling and opened questions, or gauge audience to see if the meeting contents is landing as expected. 



Creating a Strong Game takes minutes! Combine social and multiple choice questions with polls and open-ended questions.


Present the Strong Game on a shared screen or projector (in-person or online). Participants answer questions on their device.


Immediate post-game analytics tell you how well groups are working together, and if teams and individuals are understanding the content.


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